“Don't forget love;
it will bring all the madness you need
to unfurl yourself across
the universe.”

- Mīrābāī

welcome ...

As I always obnoxiously announce  on Youtube, "Good evening and welcome back, poetry love-ahs!" Welcome to my site...about time, am I right? This site is primarily dedicated to my work (written, aural, visual), but I also feel the same exact joy when promoting others. Let us collaborate! Let us work together as creators in this blue-green sphere! POETRY LIVES!! LONG LIVE THE ARTS IN ALL ITS MANIFESTED FORMS!!


by Melita White

She longs to be
Every woman he’s with
That’s not her
To wear their flesh suits
Atop bleached bones
To speak with forked tongue
In the tongues of the others
She casts her veneer
Round negative space
Draws into her vacuum
Essential cores
Of expendable souls
Crude flattery
Her ticket to blueprints
Of those with blue blood
She is dispensable
A second-hand symbiote
A syphon for subterfuge
A funnel for fun times
And an ill-matched understudy
To the lead player