“Don't forget love;
it will bring all the madness you need
to unfurl yourself across
the universe.”

- Mīrābāī

welcome ...

As I always obnoxiously announce  on Youtube, "Good evening and welcome back, poetry love-ahs!" Welcome to my site...about time, am I right? This site is primarily dedicated to my work (written, aural, visual), but I also feel the same exact joy when promoting others. Let us collaborate! Let us work together as creators in this blue-green sphere! POETRY LIVES!! LONG LIVE THE ARTS IN ALL ITS MANIFESTED FORMS!!


ENCYCLOPEDIA by Molly Brodak


The dark tartan check
in Sir Walter Scott’s trousers—


if not for the tart basin peat
blanket-black in rot and needle-deep hagging,


and if not for the water flag
prominently veined mid-rib in sword shapes,


and if not for the corn crake
in chestnut and hayfield pinfeathers with meat-colored bill,


and if not for the raccoon dog
formed from chewy Ukranian toads,

and if not for the Eurasian lynxes, their hard charm,
seldom heard, walking for years unnoticed, until recognized in the stomach contents
of the Siberian Tiger,

and if not for the machairodontinae,
scimitar-toothed gape and bite strength deeply & boringly disputed,

and if not for flood-tall ice sheets eaten tiny by sun,
and an inch of tilt in the crust’s belt,

and a new pool on the Olorgesailie near where
two of the wordless group groom a symbol,

and a friendly flea field in tuft
of his great grandma’s fur,

and a worm addled in fungus
nipping a path to her code,

and a smudge of brain cells
dividing smaller

into harsher

would be just plain hill-grey,
by time.

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